Door County Humane Society Fundraising for Saving Pets Challenge

Time is running out for the Door County Humane Society to lead the nation in fundraising as part of the national “Saving Pets Challenge.” Since July 5th, the local group and its shelter has been engaged in a battle to see which animal welfare organization can raise the most money for their cause in a single month. So far, the Door County Humane Society has raised just under $73,000, a figure that has it in 3rd place nationwide. Not bad, since the original goal was $50,000. The new goal is now $100,000 and a desire to finish as one of the top five in the competition which ends at 1PM August 4th. As an incentive to move things over the top, a group of investors says it will donate $3,000 once the humane society hits $75,000 in its fundraising effort. To donate, simply go to and click on the red “Savings Pets Challenge” button on the right-hand side of the screen, or go directly to

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