Door County Election Results

Two Sturgeon Bay Aldermen were defeated, two others were returned to their positions on the Sturgeon Bay City Council, Tuesday night.  In the first district, incumbent Dan Wiegand was defeated by Kelly Catarozoli 136- 88.  In the third district, Alderman Ed Ireland finished 17 votes better than Martha Beller 159- 142.  in the fifth district, incumbent Jerry Stults beat Jared Nellis 157-131.  And in the seventh district, it was Will Gregory finishing 24 votes better than Aldermen Bob Schlict 144- 120.  There are seven Aldermen on the Sturgeon Bay common council.

Incumbents on two Door County School boards were defeated in balloting Tuesday.  Three seats were open on the Gibraltar Board of Education and five candidates were on the ballot.  Lynn Herman led the field with 985 votes, followed by incumbent Lynnea Hickey at 964 and board member Mark Weborg with 952.  Finishing out of the running were board Vice President Martha Luber Pelrine with 741 votes and Mike Ashley with 810.  Southern Door School Board President Chuck Bretl was defeated in his re-election bid.  The top three vote getters seeking one of the three seats on the board were incumbent Polly Alberts at 964 votes,   Tammy Sternard with 963  and Kim Nowikowski at 863 votes.  Bretl finished with 846 votes and incumbent Ken Warren had 725.  On Washington Island, write-in candidates sought votes for two seats on the school board.  Tom Jordan finished ahead of the pack, but nine others had three write-in votes each.

In the Town of Gibraltar, Brian Merkel was defeated by Dick Skare in the race for Town Chairman.  Skare tallied 284 votes to Merkel’s 169.  Skare was also elected town supervisor, so that position will have to be filled by other means.  In the Town of Union, John Bur defeated Dennis Counard 258- 125 in the race for Town Chairman.  In the Town of Brussels, Mark Marchat retained his Supervisory seat, finishing with 168 votes to Galen DeJardin’s 92.  In the Town of Union, Bruce Alberts took one Supervisors position with 242 votes to 134 for Donald Spude  and Jeff LeGrave defeated David Jeanquart with 292 votes to 92.  For the Town of Sevastopol, two Supervisory seats were available,  John Staveness led the field of three with 461 votes,  Tony Haen had 445 and Board Member Dick Wiedman finished with 444, expect a recount in that election.  In the Town of Egg Harbor the Supervisor’s seat went to Dale Wiegand who garnered 149 votes, Terry Havel had 116.  Terry McNulty returns as Village Board Chairman in Forestville.  Like many others,  McNulty thought term limits were in place in the village and did not put his name on the ballot.  When it was learned that there was no such ordinance,  McNulty made it known that he would serve if someone wrote in his name, 56 residents did so.  On Washington Island,  Jim Hanson picked up 226 votes for Town Board Chairman.  Noel Ryder, who indicated he had changed his mind about running had 74.






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