Door County Crime Prevention Foundation Launched

The Door County Sheriff’s Department has launched a crime prevention foundation to promote innovative programs and equipment that will enhance efforts by county law enforcement to establish crime prevention strategies and strengthen community relationships. An independent board of advisors will oversee the crime prevention foundation, acting on project ideas submitted by the sheriff’s department. Among the list of possible recipients of funding from the foundation are a K9 unit, the DARE program, Chop and Shop With a Cop, equipment to enhance officer safety, and specialized training for law enforcement. The first priority of the crime prevention foundation is the establishment of a K9 unit. The Door County Sheriff’s Department hopes to purchase a dog for a dual purpose team. The dog and its handler are trained in patrol tactics including tracking and area searches for missing people or suspects and protection and the detection of drugs or explosives. The estimated cost of establishing the unit is just over $24,000. The Door County Community Foundation has helped the sheriff’s department create a funding site. Those who’d like to make a donation can do so at

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