Dollar General Proposal Denied in Town of Egg Harbor

Monday evening was a regular meeting of the Town of Egg Harbor Board of Supervisors, and during this meeting the supervisors voted unanimously to deny a developer’s application to build a Dollar General retail store near Highway 42 and Hillside Road. Town Clerk Pam Krauel reports that Supervisor Wiegand first moved to deny the Dollar General proposal for reasons of not meeting a town ordinance concerning “reasonable circulation of traffic and topographical conditions”, the town’s Chapter 4 road and driveway ordinance. That motion was seconded by Supervisor Dannhausen and then carried unanimously. Now after this denial, if the developer wishes to return with a new proposal, they will have to entirely restart the application process. Some members of the public attending this virtual meeting were upset with the 10-minute total limit on public comments, but this has been the common practice for previous egg harbor town meetings, and this time limit was detailed in the meeting’s agenda.

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