Dismantled Grain Elevator Could be Stored Locally

A portion of the disassembled grain elevator could end up on a parcel in Sturgeon Bay located at the corner of 1st Avenue and Oregon Street, abutting Graham Park. Shipyard Development, LLC, which owns the property, is proposing to use the land for storing the components of the old building. Peter Moede wants to work with the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society to find a new use for the old granary. To that end, a storage agreement has been drafted between his firm and the society. Marty Olejniczak, the city’s Community Development Director, in a memo to the city council, notes that, without building code and zoning approval, storage of the grain elevator on the property would be a violation of the outdoor storage requirements of the municipal code. However, he notes that the zoning code allows temporary permits for up to a year with council approval. Olejniczak says the council could authorize the temporary storage of the building on the property for a limited time while a formal plan is devised by the property owner. Once the time period is over, if a formal project is not approved and permits issued, the building would have to be removed from the site. The Sturgeon Bay City Council will consider the matter at its meeting Tuesday afternoon.

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