Developer Files Lawsuit Over Waterfront Hotel

Sawyer Hotel Development, LLC and developer Bob Papke filed a lawsuit in Door County Circuit Court last week, alleging that the City of Sturgeon Bay violated certain rights in the failed development of a waterfront hotel. A jury trial has been requested. In a document filed with the court, Sawyer Development claims the city failed to disclose the existence of an issue with the ordinary high water mark on the property at 92 and 100 East Maple Street and that the issue had led to difficulty in obtaining title insurance for the property. The filing further alleges that the actions were a violation of Sawyer’s constitutionally protected rights, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses of more than $375,000 and substantial legal expenses, including attorney’s fees to pursue the case. Sawyer is demanding judgment against the city in an amount to be determined by the jury and the court and further relief as the court deems just and equitable. In a written statement, Papke said he was saddened to have had to resort to litigation in order to be paid for work done at the request of the city in June of 2014. He said, had the city provided the property as it agreed to do, the hotel would have opened in 2016 and be in its second season of operation today.

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