Detour Working Smoothly With Few Bumps

Despite a few blips on the radar screen, the Sturgeon Bay Police Department is saying traffic continues to move smoothly through most sectors of the city while the Bayview Bridge project moves forward. Some traffic slowdowns have been seen in the areas of 12th and 14th Avenue and Michigan Street before the beginning of Sturgeon Bay school day and when students are leaving during the early afternoon. It’s anticipated that the temporary congestion will ease once school is no longer in session. City police have also helped guide farm implements and oversize loads over the Oregon Street Bridge from time to time and have provided some traffic control. However, the traffic control is being done on an “as needed” basis. Drivers are asked to be patient and leave a little earlier for work or a destination. One police department member said he thought he would have to wait 5 – 7 minutes in one area of increased traffic before moving on, but found the wait was closer to 2 minutes. Another option for motorists is to find alternate routes to travel for the next 6 weeks or so. As was the case in Sturgeon Bay during recent street projects, work will eventually be completed, returning traffic patterns to previous levels.

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