Demolition of Shipwrecked Begins Wednesday

The rebuilding of the Shipwrecked Brew Pub in Egg Harbor will start with the destruction of the more than 130 year old structure. The pub was heavily damaged by an electrical fire August 10th. Work on tearing down the iconic structure is expected to begin September 27th crews hope to have the entire building taken down in about a week, so it’s finished ahead of the Egg Harbor Pumpkin Patch festivities.
Shipwrecked Brewpub was established in 1997 and celebrated it’s 20th anniversary a few months before the fire. Construction of a new building is expected to begin soon and last into spring. The plan is to be open in the new facility during next summer. Shipwrecked Brewpub is located at the corner of Highway 42 and County Road G in the heart of the Village of Egg Harbor

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