Decision to Order Demolition of Granary Based on Public Safety

During a news conference at city hall Thursday, Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman read from a news release outlining the reasons why he made the decision to order the demolition of the old grain elevator. Dietman said he based his order on the building’s dilapidated condition and its location relative to other buildings, persons or property…

The fire chief also ordered the fenced area around the structure to be moved out to 127 and a half feet around the entire granary. He noted that recent testing had shown that the building had moved…

Dietman said two studies from 2013 had questioned the grain elevator’s structural integrity and recently the building was “buttoned up” because it had become a hazardous health risk. He said he took the action he did for one reason and one reason only, public safety…

Fire Chief Dietman suggested a thorough reading of the studies compiled by Meyer, Borgman, Johnson and Micheal Till Associates would provide a better understanding of why the granary in its current state is a safety hazard. Links to those reports can be found below.


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