DC Board Chairman Comments on Serpe Resolution

Door County Board Chairman Leo Zipperer says there was much discussion by supervisors trying to come to a resolution with regard to the status of county administrator Michael Serpe. Zipperer said, after considering all of the variables, the board’s decision came down to one issue…


There had been an indication that either Serpe or a legal representative would participate in the evidentiary hearing in order to provide his side of the story. So it was somewhat of a surprise to Zipperer that no one appeared at the open hearing…


Zipperer also invited anyone in the audience who wanted to provide favorable comments about the county administrator to step forward. None did. Zipperer indicated that, based upon the information at hand and all of the events leading to Friday’s session, the board’s options were limited, at best…


At its recent meeting, the county board appointed county corporation counsel Grant Thomas as interim county administrator. Zipperer indicated that discussions on how to fill the position on a more permanent basis would be held soon.



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