DC Board Approves Land Acknowledgement Statement

Tuesday morning was the monthly meeting of the Door County Board of Supervisors. At this meeting, Public Health Manager Susan Powers gave an update on the evolving COVID-19 situation in Door County which detailed the current numbers and increasing infection rate. The board unanimously passed a resolution petitioning the Secretary of Transportation for airport improvement aid by the Cherryland Airport. They also passed the application for and acceptance of financial assistance for a breakwall assessment at George K. Pinney park. There was some discussion and debate before the board passed a resolution supporting a land acknowledgment statement by a margin of 15 to 5. This resolution states that a statement will be included on major planning documents and mentioned at the annual meeting which will acknowledge county lands and parks being formerly part of the Menominee Nation. District 19 Supervisor Bob Bultman tells us more….

The board also discussed a resolution approving future canine & officer teams for the Sheriff’s department. With the unfortunate passing of the previous department canine, Odin, they are hoping to fill that vacancy in local law enforcement. The board passed an amendment limiting the number of dog/officer teams to 2, and then approved the resolution to allow the Sheriff’s department to go ahead with creating 2 new dog and officer handler teams, each with different specialized training.

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