Date to Take Down Grain Elevator Yet to Be Set

With the awarding of a contract to disassemble the old grain elevator on the waterfront in Sturgeon Bay, the process has begun to take the building down. The granary is under a demolition order issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman who calls the structure a danger to people and property. The council decision to disassemble and store the structure came at the request of alderman David Ward, who said the matter could be revisited in a year. On Tuesday, the bid of just over $66,000, submitted by Kiesow Enterprises of Reedsville, was selected. City Administrator Josh VanLieshout says the two sides will be working to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork has been attended to…

VanLieshout says the contractor had anticipated that the work would commence a month ago, so it’s difficult to say when the timetable will be implemented…

VanLieshout says the contractor has been informed that there’s a sense of urgency related to the project given the fire chief’s raze order.

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