Crews Use Rowboat in Ice Rescue on Kangaroo Lake

A 19-year old Baileys Harbor woman who fell through the ice south of the Kangaroo Lake causeway Thursday afternoon was rescued by fire department personnel using a row boat. Mary Harty was conscious when she was found in the water up to her waist. She was extricated and returned to shore where she was checked out by an EMS crew. The investigating deputy was told that Harty had been walking down Logerquist Road and then proceeded up Highway 57. Harty said it was getting dark so she went to a boat launch off south Kangaroo Lake Road. She then went onto the ice and walked the shoreline in an attempt to get back to the causeway. As she got closer to the causeway, a man on shore said the ice was thin in that area. When she attempted to backtrack, she fell through the ice up to her waist. She told the officer that she had been staying at the Saint Joseph Formation Center on O’brien Road and was attempting to return there when the accident happened shortly before 5PM.

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