County Administrator Search Down to Four

The process for finding a new Door County Administrator has reached the point where interviews with four candidates will be conducted on Friday. In all, nine individuals expressed interest in the job which opened up with the dismissal of Michael Serpe in March. Since that time, Corporation Counsel Grant Thomas has acted as interim County Administrator. Kelli Hendee, County Personnel/Human Resources Director, was given the task of developing the process for soliciting applications & the Administrative Committee whittled the list down to the current four. The committee, consisting of Supervisors Dan Austad, Ken Fisher, Cletus Fontaine, David Lienau, John Neinas, Richard Virlee & Leo Zipperer will conduct the interviews for much of the day Friday. Thomas said it is unclear when a top candidate would take over. The selection must be approved by a majority of supervisors at a regular meeting. One person who is not on the list of interviewees is Thomas himself. He told WDOR News that he is busy enough as Corporation Counsel & will be perfectly happy to return to those duties on a full time basis.

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