Council Votes Against Garage Requirement for New Homes

As a result of action taken by the Sturgeon Bay City Council Tuesday, people building new homes in the city will not be required to construct a garage as well. Council-members were told requiring a garage as part of the new construction process would be a hardship for people trying to come up with affordable housing. During discussion, it was learned that Habitat for Humanity, which has built more than three dozen homes in Sturgeon Bay over the years, opposed the idea. Proponents of the change to the municipal code had thought the opposite was the case and the requirement would help the local chapter provide garages at a time when its national organization frowns on them. Mayor Thad Birmingham also pointed out that the requirement would enhance the value of the new homes built in the city…

Alderman David Ward said he opposed the idea because it’s tough enough in the current economy to find affordable housing for young families…

It was noted that of the 51 homes built in Sturgeon Bay in recent years, only eight did not come with garages, meaning the majority opted for an attached or unattached garage as part of their project.

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