Council Sets Another Special Meeting for Grain Elevator Dismantling

The Sturgeon Bay City Council will make another attempt at resolving the issue of the old grain elevator on the city’s West Side Waterfront with a special meeting Monday at 7PM. The purpose of the meeting is to award a contract to dismantle, salvage and store the 116-year old granary, action the council had agreed to by way of a four to three vote. Since that time, the necessary quorum of five council-members has not been reached, either because some alder-persons boycotted the meeting or, as was the case at a previous council session, two members walked out, leaving the council at less than the necessary number to conduct business. A bid has been submitted that would take down the old building for about $66,000. Meanwhile, the grain elevator is under a demolition order issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman who says the structure is unstable and a danger to people and property.

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