Council Sends Notice to Remove Dirt Piles

In an effort to get some movement on the matter of sand piles on Sturgeon Bay’s west side waterfront, the city council Tuesday voted to send a notice to its possible owners to move the dirt within a defined period. The council learned that attempts to determine who actually owns the dirt have been unsuccessful. It could be developer Bob Papke or it could be his contractor, Bayland Buildings. What’s certain, the ground was removed from a parcel behind the CVS store on Egg Harbor Road as part of a project to build a detention pond. How it got to its current home is undetermined. Meanwhile, the ground was certified as clean dirt and could be spread out on the parcel, if needed. If the would-be owners of the dirt piles do not claim their prize in the allotted time, the city could keep it and use it as intended. However, there is the possibility that a judge will be called upon to decide who owns the piles.

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