Council Members Walk out on Grain Elevator Deconstruction Vote

The wheels of government move slowly, but in Sturgeon Bay they have ground to a halt. At least when it comes to the city council. For the fourth consecutive meeting, a group of council-members saw to it that a vote on bids related to the old west side grain elevator did not happen. In this case, instead of skipping the meeting altogether, the group showed up to argue their case and then left when it became obvious that they would lose the vote. Meanwhile, the 116-year old granary remains under a demolition order issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman who says the structure is unsafe and a danger to people and property. Earlier in the meeting, the council debated a request from the state historical society that it join in negotiations over the fate of the old building. Alderman Ron Vandertie pointed out that the building was under a raze order that could not be ignored. Alderman David Ward said the city was caught between two opposing forces, one of which will have to be ignored…

The vote was four to three against when a motion was made to enter into negotiations with the state historical society. That left action on the bids to take the building down. Council-member Laurel Hauser made a motion asking for more time…

When that motion was defeated, the minority group of alder-persons walked out to the applause of their supporters.

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