Council Approves Grain Elevator Move Across Bay

The upcoming trip of the old grain elevator from its current location on Sturgeon Bay’s west side waterfront to a new home on the opposite side was approved during the city council meeting Tuesday afternoon. The unanimous vote came with conditions. Copies of permits from the Department of Transportation, Coast Guard and American Transmission Company must be provided, there must be coordination with Fincantieri/Bay Shipbuilding related to the departure of vessels, and notification of city police and fire departments when the move is imminent. City Administrator Josh VanLieshout noted that a time frame for the move has been established…

VanLieshout said a final condition on the move has to do with possible spectators along the route to the proposed parcel off 1st Avenue…

Police Captain Dan Brinkman told the council that the Maple/Oregon Street Bridge will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians while the move is underway. Brinkman also indicated that the earlier the moves begins, the better. A moving date was not presented during the council discussion.

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