Consultant Says Eagle Tower Should be Torn Down

A consulting firm has told the Department of Natural Resources that the 75-foot Eagle Tower observation deck at Peninsula State Park will have to come down. The DNR decided to close the tower shortly before the Memorial Day holiday after being told that the tower was no longer structurally sound. Before making any decisions, the state agency engaged the firm of Edge Consulting Engineers of Prairie du Sac to evaluate the structure and provide a recommendation for a future course of action. The consultants have essentially said that it doesn’t pay to attempt to get more life out of the current structure. Instead, the cracked and rotted wood and its metal hardware should be taken down and replaced with a totally new structure. The tower began its life as a fire observation platform in the 19-teens. In 1932, the depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps refurbished the tower, providing the iconic presence it has today. When the word first came out that the Eagle Tower would close and, perhaps, be taken down, several individuals indicated they would do what it takes to provide the resources to fix the tower. However, the DNR said it needed the consultant’s report before moving forward.

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