Civilian Volunteers Fly for Civil Air Patrol

If someone is missing and a wide area needs to covered from the air, there’s a good chance that a pilot from the Civil Air Patrol will be involved. Locally, the civilian volunteers of the Door County Composite Squadron work out of the Cherryland Airport. Lieutenant Colonel Peter Sherrill says, on average, the pilots put in about 15 to 20 hours of flight time each week…

Typically, a US Air Force helicopter paroling a specific area could cost as much as $2,000 per hour. Meanwhile, a Civil Air Patrol aircraft provides the same coverage for about $100 per hour. Ron Marto, also a Lieutenant Colonel, explains what it takes to become a member of the group…

An opportunity to meet members of the Civil Air Patrol is coming up in May when the annual Emergency Vehicle Fun Day is held in Door County.

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