Changes to Sturgeon Bay Skatepark Approved

It looks like the new Sturgeon Bay skatepark, under construction near the west side field, is going to cost a little more than anticipated. Two change orders, totaling just over $37,000, will bump the total cost up to $355,000. The original contract price set by contractor, Dreamland Skateparks, LLC, was $317,500. An executive summary notes that new designs have evolved to eliminate some of the components in the original plan that have proven too risky at other parks. The hope is that the park will be safer and more enjoyable for all levels of skate boarders. The changes also include sidewalks and viewing features that were originally planned for phase two of the park development. Since the skatepark will be operated by the Sturgeon Bay Park and Recreation Department, the city council needed to give its blessing to the changes. It did so on Tuesday.

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