Catarozoli Questions Committee Appointments

Sturgeon Bay Mayor Thad Birmingham announced his appointments to an ad hoc committee on funding for local streets and infrastructure at the common council meeting Tuesday afternoon. The committee will be led by Alderman David Ward, along with citizen members Matt Nichols, Dina Boettcher, Mike Gilson, Todd Wilson, Pat Blizel, James Schneider, and Tony Smith. 1st District Council Member Kelly Catarozoli objected to the mostly male composition of the committee…

The committee will look into ways to generate funds to pay for street and sidewalk maintenance.

The council also discussed the idea of the creation of a comprehensive ethics policy. While a majority of council members seemed to be in favor of the measure, several openly wondered what the point of the measure would be, considering the state has a broad range ethics policy that applies to all local governments. Mayor Birmingham noted that he could recall two occasions where ethics issues involving the city were handled by state statutes. The matter was sent to the Community Protection and Services Committee for a recommendation.

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