Cana Island Lighthouse Tower and Keeper’s Quarters Re-opened

There was a special presentation on Cana Island Friday morning to commemorate the completion of Phase 4 of the restoration project bringing the lighthouse tower and keeper’s quarters back to life so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Destination Door County CEO Julie Gilbert spoke about the historic lighthouse’s significance in our maritime history and how that ties in to the enjoyment and livelihood of our local community………..

Door County Parks Manager Burke Pinney explained what happened on April 27th of 2006 which brought in a new era to Cana Island…………..

Door County Maritime Museum Executive Director Kevin Osgood also spoke of the importance of this partnership and the importance of the lighthouse itself………….

Now with the island’s restoration and upgrades completed, Cana Island will remain open daily through the remainder of the 2022 season from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm through October 31st. 12 years in the making, these restorations help beautify and preserve one of Door County’s most iconic maritime treasures.

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