Butch’s Bar Fire Site Update

The devastating fire at Butch’s Bar in Sturgeon Bay occurred almost 8 weeks ago, and the pile of rubble from that structure has remained fenced off on that site ever since the walls were knocked down shortly after the fire. We spoke with Mayor Dave Ward Wednesday concerning the delay with that clean-up. He informed us that at first the clean-up was delayed because it was an arson case and they had to allow for a public defender fire investigator to view the site. After the state declared that was done, Mayor Ward says there was a 2nd unexpected delay…….

Mayor Ward says the city has been in contact with the insurance adjustor in this case and he says that after this time period for the next of kin has expired then their contractor should be moving ahead with the clean-up. As Mayor Ward explains, this is a new experience for many involved……….

As the rubble is removed, it must also be put into a special landfill because of the presence of asbestos, and that special disposal site is in Calumet County which is about 80 miles away, and that disposal site is also more expensive than a normal landfill.

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