Break In Reported at Old Grain Elevator in Sturgeon Bay

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department is investigating the report of a break-in at the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay. At about 7:30 Wednesday morning, Fire Chief Tim Dietman went to the granary at 92 East Maple Street to replace a lock and secure the entrance to the building. Upon arriving, Dietman noticed that someone had torn the the lock off that secured the structure on October 13th and apparently entered the building. He contacted city police and the fire department, both of which sent units to the waterfront. Firefighters with air packs searched the grain elevator to ensure that no one was inside before the entrance was boarded up. The air packs were a precaution because of the air-borne health hazard inside identified in May. A security camera is now trained on the building. While Dietman was on scene, several individuals arrived at the grain elevator because an unfounded report on social media indicated that the building was on fire.

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