Bottled Water Being Collected for Those With Contaminated Wells in Lincoln

Cory Cochart, Chairman of the Town of Lincoln has organized what is being called a bottled water drive. In a memorandum to residents & landowners in the Town of Lincoln, Cochart detailed why the water drive is being organized…[audio:|titles=Lincoln Town Chairman Cory Cochart]
Gallons or cases of sealed bottled water can be brought to the Lincoln Town Hall on Saturdays between 9AM & 12PM, & leave them on the front porch. Donations can also be brought on the first Monday of the month before the Town Board meeting at 7PM. Residents are advised to take precautions if their water suddenly turns color or has a distinct smell, or if manure runoff has reached their property…[audio:|titles=Lincoln Town Chairman Cory Cochart]
Cochart adds that even if test results reveal contamination, no one will be required to replace their well, but it may be recommended. The state does have a well compensation program that could offset all or some of the costs of a replacement if qualifications are met. Cochart says the issue of well contamination isn’t a new one for the Town of Lincoln…[audio:|titles=Lincoln Town Chairman Cory Cochart]
The water donation program will run now through May 15th. Cochart says this can be a good first step toward solving the problem, & the top priority is getting residents clean water…[audio:|titles=Lincoln Town Chairman Cory Cochart]
If anyone has any questions or would like to get involved they are encouraged to call Lincoln Town Chairman Cory Cochart at (920)-255-2699.

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