Bayview Bridge Detour Is Working

We’re a couple of weeks into the Bayview Bridge project in Sturgeon Bay and early indications are that the measures taken to meet changing traffic patterns are working. The rehab project on the more than 30 year-old span will keep it closed until July 4th, creating the need for detour routes.

Truck traffic has increased on Michigan Street, but it appears that the additional vehicles traveling through the city on that route have been absorbed without difficulty. There has been little, if any, increase in traffic accidents and only occasional reports of confusion by some truck drivers new to the area. There have been some peak traffic times in the morning and afternoon, but nothing that has created bottle-necks. It’s anticipated that the press of traffic will remain relatively quiet for the next couple of months until some weekends in May. June could see a ramp up of traffic numbers, but by then, local motorists will have found the most efficient ways to get around Sturgeon Bay.

It was noted that a series of major street projects accomplished in recent years is making it easier for the city to deal with the demands of traffic caused by the bridge closure.

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