Area Schools Deal With Threatening Messages

During the school day Friday, a Sturgeon Bay High School faculty member discovered a list of students’ names on a post-it note which was titled “Hit List.” The note was brought to Principal Keith Nerby and School Resource Officer Jennerjohn. The student who allegedly created this list was brought into the office as they investigated the matter and the student was then suspended through the remainder of the school year. The Sturgeon Bay School District worked together with law enforcement in their action. Any student whose name appeared on this list was immediately contacted along with their families to discuss the matter. By Friday evening, a letter was sent to all students’ parents from Principal Nerby explaining the situation. It says they do not believe there is any threat to students or staff, and they encourage parents to talk to their children about the importance of reporting any similarly concerning behavior.

After Friday’s scary incident at Sturgeon Bay High School with a student creating a “hit list” of other students, now we’ve learned of a similar situation at Southern Door High School. School District Business Manager Jason Melotte sent an email out to students’ parents Sunday evening, informing them that earlier in the day the district was informed of a threatening email being shared with some high school students. This email did not come from a Southern Door school account. The Door County Sheriff’s Office was notified, as were all students who received the threatening email. In the district’s email to parents, it says the district would be providing additional resources on campus Monday as a precautionary measure. The school district and the sheriff’s office are together investigating the source of the threatening email.
Much like the incident a few days earlier in Sturgeon Bay, the school is encouraging parents to talk with their children about the importance of reporting any similarly concerning behavior they may encounter or witness.

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