Another Stop Sign at 8th & Georgia

Another stop sign will be added to the mix of traffic signals at the so called Hardees Corner in Sturgeon Bay as a result of action taken by the City Council Tuesday evening. A recommendation that there be a four way stop at North 8th Avenue & Egg Harbor Road & a two way stopĀ  on Georgia Street, with North 8th Avenue having a through right of way was amended to include another stop sign at 8th Avenue & Gerogia Street Northbound. The action was approved on a four to two vote. The council heard from Georgia Street residents who cited safety concerns at the intersection. Several aldermen reported that they found it difficult to make left turns at the intersection, pedestrians had difficulty crossing the road, some motorists were confused, others were discourteous or did not take the time to follow the signage already in place. Alderman John Lodl said he feared another stop sign would slow up traffic even more, creating what he called “controlled congestion”. Alderman Joe Stutting reiterated his contention that putting up signs without data on traffic patterns didn’t make sense. Stutting said traffic should be allowed to flow to get a sense of the movement of traffic before deciding what signage was needed. However, in the end, & for a variety of reasons, a majority on the council opted for another stop sign at the intersection.

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