Another Lack of Quorum Stymies Vote on Dismantling Grain Elevator

The saga of the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay took another turn Wednesday when a special meeting set up to consider awarding a contract to dismantle, salvage and store the old building was stymied again for lack of a quorum. Four aldermen were on hand at the meeting Wednesday, but five are needed. The three council-members who failed to show up for the second straight meeting, Kelly Catarozoli, Barb Allmann and Laurel Hauser, all oppose taking the granary down. Meanwhile, the building remains under a demolition older issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman who says it is unstable and a danger to people and property. The special session to consider bids has been rescheduled again, this time for Friday at 12 noon. The city council has already voted to dismantle the 116-year old structure on the city’s west side waterfront and is attempting to take the next step in the process.

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