Lower Range Light Moved

The iconic Baileys Harbor lower range light has a new home. The relocation to a newly constructed foundation Tuesday marks the first step of the Ridges Sanctuary to implement a total restoration of the structure. The new location, 15 feet north of the original foundation, was chosen to address a public safety issue presented by the range light’s proximity to Ridges Road. Schuette Movers of Wausau, handled the specialized process. A full restoration of the lighthouse will proceed according to recommendations contained in the historic structures report issued by Restoric, LLC, in 2010. Work will include replacement of the siding & roof, as well as venting & vapor barriers to protect against moisture & high humidity. Because the lower range light is on the National Register of Historic Places, the restoration will adhere to specific guidelines set out by the Secretary of the Interior. Both the upper & lower range lights have been identified as two of the only surviving examples of range lights in Wisconsin.

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